The Genetics of HD

Transmission of HD
Huntington disease is inherited in an autosomal dominant pattern. This means a man or woman with HD has a 50:50 chance of passing the genetic change or mutation that causes HD to each son or daughter. A person who has not inherited this genetic change will not develop HD and cannot pass HD on to a child.

Our Stories

We understand that learning that someone in your family has HD can be devastating. It can leave you with questions, concerns, and no idea where to turn next. Find more about what others have done in your situation – you are not alone.

Testing for HD

The decision about whether or not to have testing for HD is a very complex and personal one. For some, the test provides information about their future. Others choose not to undergo testing. There are no right or wrong choices. We will help you to make an informed choice regarding testing, and support you through the whole process.

HD Resources

There are many other online websites and resources which provide information regarding HD in general, support groups in your area, research updates and opportunities to be involved in clinical trials.