Interpreting Results

Alicia Semaka, a genetic counselor and HD researcher, explains the four different possible results from HD predictive testing.

On the basis of genetic analysis, four predictive test results are possible:

This section was developed with the help of Alicia Semaka, MSc, CGC, CCGC

HD Resources

There are many other online websites and resources which provide information regarding HD in general, support groups in your area, research updates and opportunities to be involved in clinical trials.

Our Stories

We understand that learning that someone in your family has HD can be devastating. It can leave you with questions, concerns, and no idea where to turn next. Find about more about what others have done in your situation – you are not alone.

Family and Friends

Finding out that your loved one has HD, or may develop it in the future is incredibly hard. You may feel concern, shock and anxiety but at the same time want to help and support your loved one.
Learning more about the condition and the testing process can help you understand and prepare for what HD means for both of you now and in the future.