Results Session

As the name implies, the results session involves informing an individual of the test results, and answering any further questions that arise. This discussion can also touch on future considerations, such as follow-up appointments, support groups or prenatal testing options. Individuals usually find this a stressful period no matter what the result, and you should be accompanied to this session by a spouse, family member or close friend for support.

More information on the meaning of specific test results can be found under the interpreting results section.

Follow-up after the results

A follow-up appointment after the results session is important regardless of the test result received. This appointment can help address any further questions that have arisen since undergoing the testing, as well as discussing the impact of the test result on the individual, their sense of self, and their relationships. The psychological impact of the test result varies considerably between individuals and it is not possible to predict what a certain person’s response or feelings will be in the weeks and months following a predictive test result.

For more information please see coping with results.

A support person

The decision about whether or not to have testing for HD can be stressful. Waiting for the results can also place strain on the individual. The results, even “good news”, can take time for adjustment. Having a support person, such as a friend or spouse, who is present at all appointments is useful. This person can act, not only as a second set of ears, but can also be a sounding board to talk through feelings about testing, and provide support after the test results are given.